How to adjust your Google Fit Goals to keep you moving

With the new version of WearOS approaching, a new breed of watches in play and a continual evolution of the Android (and associated platforms) it’s hardly surprising that apps primarily used on WearOS are also evolving. Google Fit recently had a makeover which includes some fairly significant changes in functionality.

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For users who have just let this roll, you’re possibly missing out on your Google Fit Goals simply because you haven’t adjusted them to suit your daily life and needs.

If you’re keen to set yourself a challenge and keep Google Fit as a primary tracking point in your life then listen up: it’s really quick and very simple.

Home Screen
Fit Journal
Fit Profile
Fit Goal Setting

Once you’re in Google Fit, tap the profile button to open up your specific goals. Tap on the goal you want to adjust, then use the + or – buttons to increase or decrease the goal. Once you’ve set the goal you want to achieve, tap the set goal button and you’re done.

It’s worth taking the time also to read about the heart minutes and move minutes and how they’re beneficial to your heart and general health. It puts into perspective where Google are positioning Google Fit in comparison to the true fitness apps and hardware such as Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung’s Gear Fit range of devices.

Ultimately it’s not for the fitness fanatics out there, more for people who want to get moving and improve their general health and well being.

A smart move by Google and a really simple set of options to assist you in meeting these goals.

Do you use Google fit regularly, or is there another go-to option for your fitness tracking?

Last modified on 17 September 2018 8:33 pm

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  • I have started using Google Fit since the redesign, its worked quite well pulling the data in etc.
    I use other apps for activity tracking, walk, cycle run etc... but found google fit useful with auto generating movement/activities throughout the day.
    But clearly i must always be running late as it labels my walks to and from work as runs!!
    One feature that the other app doesn't measure/determine is step counting, so say when a run is pulled in it will add its own data to it.

    After about a week of using it i think i got a notification about updating my targets.
    It had suggested some, so i hit update and it was done... all in the notification too.

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