LG’s adoption of Google Assistant to power their ThinQ line up of phones, appliances and home entertainment line has been excellent, and today they’ve announced they’re adding support for their 2018 line of ThinQ enabled TVs in Australia.

The firmware update is now available for their 2018 line of ThinQ enabled OLED & Super UHD TVs, with the update adding support to change channels, increase or decrease the volume, change inputs or even open up YouTube or Netflix with a simple voice command. You will need to hit the microphone button on your remote control to access Google Assistant, and with that the commands don’t stop with the TV, it incorporates all the goodness of Google Assistant including the option to get information on your schedule, and control your Smart Home.

It’s admittedly a convoluted process for setting up your TV for Google Assistant. You’ll first need an account with LG which you can create using the LG ThinQ smartphone app available on Google Play and then link your account with the Google Home app. Once setup you’ll need to download the Firmware update on your TV. To do this you’ll need to go to Settings > General > About this TV and then click on the ‘Check for Updates’ button. If it all gets confusing there’s an LG support page for this here.

The update is available now, and makes LG’s line of WebOS powered TVs a little bit more smarter and compatible with the rest of your smart home.

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Dennis Bareis

So this works on their WebOs TVs?

Chris Rowland

I have a compatible TV, so I’ll try it out in the morning.


Thanks, I’ll probably never see your response as subscribing doesn’t work but I may remember.