The launch of the Galaxy Note9, a great productivity focused device has given Samsung the opportunity to launch a series of talks and workshops in partnership with General Assembly to help ambitious Aussies to follow their passion.

The Days of Note will be a series of bespoke workshops at WeWork’s offices in Sydney’s Pyrmont which will run daily from Monday to Saturday until October 4th.

Samsung says that the workshops will feature over 60 individual points of interest, all of which have been designed to ’empower people with the information, resources, and space they need to transform their ideas into reality’.

Danielle Palmer, Marketing Director, Samsung Electronics Australia said of the Days of Note program

We know Australians are risk-takers and will do what it takes to chase their dreams. In the best way, Aussies are an ambitious and competitive bunch, who are determined to stay ahead of the game. That’s why we’ve partnered with General Assembly to develop Days of Note’s upskilling workshops, creating a logical extension of devices like the Galaxy Note9, which help Aussies succeed in new and exciting ways.

The talks will feature a host of talented speakers from a range of innovative companies including Dropbox, Canva, Ozharvest, Iconic and of course Samsung, which are centred around helping people to ‘unleash their productivity’.

The list of speakers includes:

  • Danielle Palmer, Marketing Director, Samsung Australia
  • Miriam Wood, GA Instructor and Mindset & Performance Coach
  • James Frankel, Group Product Manager, Canva
  • Michael Chetner, Head of Zoom ANZ
  • Dean Swan, Head of Enterprise, Dropbox
  • Michelle Duval, CEO & Founder, Fingerprint for Success
  • Emma Sharley, GA Instructor & Co-founder and CEO at Shop You
  • Ronni Kahn, founder CEO of Ozharvest
  • Miriam Wood, GA Instructor and Mindset & Performance Coach
  • Megan Bromley head of employee experience at Hotels Combined
  • Adam Jacobs: Founder of the ICONIC
  • Fred Schebesta, Co-founder,

To find out more about the Days of Note program and even book in for a talk, you can check the website for more information.

Source: Samsung.