In a bid to give customers even more ways to access their funds, ANZ has today they’re equipping 2,400 ATMs across Australia with technology to allow you to withdraw money with your phone or watch.

Customers will be able access their funds using their choice of digital wallet, covering Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay…and Apple Pay.

ANZ says that customers will simply have to wave their mobile payments device over the contactless reader on a compatible ANZ ATM, select the eligible card, and enter their four digit pin to access their banking.

As well as withdrawing cash, customers will also be able to complete all ATM activities with their smartphone or watch; including changing their PIN, depositing money at SMART ATM, account transfers and balance enquiries.

ANZ says that they have more than a million customers currently using a digital wallet with an ANZ-issued card inside. Statistics for usage on mobile payments saw ANZ customers making more than 57 million mobile payment transactions worth more than $1.83 billion between October 2017 and August 2018, an increase of 150% over the same period 12 months previously.

Commenting on the launch, ANZ Customer Engagement Lead Kath Bray said:

We are determined to bring our customers new banking experiences so they can access their money the way they want to. With the high adoption rates of contactless payments in Australia, our customers will be some of the first in the world to use their mobile devices to withdraw cash in addition to making payments. We know this is something our customers will appreciate.

ANZ is currently the only one of the ‘Big Four’ banks in Australia to offer all five digital wallet solutions from Samsung, Apple, Google, Fitbit and Garmin. ANZ shutdown their own tap & pay app earlier this year in favour of using digital wallet solutions from their partners

Source: ANZ (Media Release).
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    I’ve seen this feature on ANZ atm’s for the past two years and they’re only introducing it now? I guess that would also explain the newer St.George ATM’s which appear to also have the contactless reader and until now i’ve not been able to use it. Hopefully St.George will be able to introduce it soon but that would also mean they have to eventually make their cards available on other digital wallets and not limited to those who have a samsung device


    Pretty sure i was doing this in 2016 with ANZ atm’s using their NFC payment app. this was when they were still not supporting the Android pay.


    Yeah same here, because their own NFC app just copied the original card, as opposed to Google, Samsung Pay etc which generate new card numbers and use tokenisation and so on. I was wondering what would happen with this when they phased their app out as I missed being able to use my phone.


    Another question: Do you need to be an ANZ bank customer to use this. Normally you don’t to use their ATM. They say it works with Google Pay, which should mean that anyone with Google Pay can do it. Then again, ANZ could have blocked it to non-ANZ customers by using an ANZ app that requires an ANZ log-in. I don’t know how ANZ has set this up.


    Do you still have to touch the dirty ATM keypad? If you can do it 100% on the phone, and then just collect your cash as it comes out, then this system would be useful.

    But if you still have to enter data into the ATM keypad, such as choosing an account, entering the amount of cash, and hitting the go button to trigger the release of cash, then it would be useless.

    Chris Rowland

    Sadly yes. You still need to use the ATM keypad to type your PIN in, and interact with the screen to select your withdrawal amount etc.


    Wow, that’s very cool! Soon we may be able to ditch bank cards altogether