Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project has grown over the last two years since it launched to offer significant improvements in speed and performance for mobile users. The journey hasn’t been without roadbumps, with criticism of remaining in control of the project. That’s ending with Google announcing a move to an open governance model for AMP moving forward.

The move to an open governance model isn’t too big a step for Google, with the project having been working with partners contributing to the project consistently since its inception.

The open governance model will see a move from a single Tech Lead to a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) with input from ‘companies that have committed resources to building AMP’.

To advise the TSC will be an Advisory Committee ‘with representation from many of AMP’s constituencies’.

Google wants this to be as open as possible, with no one company maintaining control. They aim to have no company sit on more than a third of the seats to achieve this.

Google highlighted the community input into the AMP Project over the past two years highlighting statistics including that the project has 710 contributors, with 78% of contributions coming from parties outside of Google.

As for the future, Google is looking at eventually moving the AMP Project to a foundation, with input from both the Technical Steering Committee and Advisory Committee.

Source: AMP.