Had enough Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL leaks yet? If not then you can today check out the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in new, very official looking renders which have leaked overnight.

The pictures come via Dutch site, nieuwemobiel.nl, who posted the side-by-side images of both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in Black showing off the phones in Google’s lovely fabric cases which were introduced last year.

While there’s not a lot to say about the look of the phones that hasn’t already been said – yes, there’s a large notch in the display of the Pixel 3 XL – there is some interesting things showing on the screen. The date on the screen of October 9th is the date of the launch, and the time of 9:00 points to Android 9.0 being on-board rather than 9.1 (it’d be 9:10 if it were so). Also of note is the Google Assistant icon on the right of the Google search widget.

The return of the fabric cases is a welcome one, with the cases rather popular here around the Ausdroid offices. There will likely be a number of different colour options to match the phones, but we’ll see more about that when the phones are announced on October 9th.

Source: nieuwemobiel.nl.
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Martin Olminkhof

I also like the fabric case, seems as though this one covers more of the bottom of the device this time too.

Jeni Skunk

I wonder if they will have a fabric case in chalk colour, to match the other colour of the Google Home speakers.


epic fail on the design front.

Martin Olminkhof

In the words of the best rap lyric ever “be more constructive with your feedback, please”
Not sure what you are referring to but I’ll assume you mean the notch…

I think the idea behind this is that if you really want the larger phone then you probably want the biggest screen possible and so might be OK with the notch as a compromise.. don’t like it? get the regular size one…..


Design is an individual and with the prices likely to be as high as they are then I don’t believe anybody should have to compromise.




The pic on the display , could that be an SD card ?


Probably just their logo/watermark from leaked website.
I would like to see an SD card in here, but at the same time am not sure what the point would be with Google pushing infinite storage for Google Photos.

Philip Clark

That’s the website logo.

Jon Biddell

Do you know if they’re going to be exclusive to Telstra like the Pixel2 ? I hope not….