It’s the Mid-Autumn festival for our friends in China and Vietnam, and as is traditional a lot of delicious mooncakes are being consumed. To celebrate the occasion Dead Zebra has released a limited run of mooncake themed Android Mini’s and they’re available for purchase now.

The limited edition box comes with four Android Mini’s inside shaped like mooncakes, with textured sides and heads which resemble the delicious looking pastries which are made from red bean or lotus seed paste and have a ‘subtle sweet scent embedded in the figures’. The minis are presented in a box similar to the boxes sold filled with mooncakes at this time of year.

The Android Mini mooncake editions were created for Google’s China offices says artist Andrew Bell, but he’s nabbed a run of 300 to sell to collectors.

They’re available to purchase now from the Dead Zebra store for USD $46 for the box, with shipping to Australia extra.

Source: Dead Zebra.