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While Samsung hasn’t officially released any Android Pie 9.0 updates for its Galaxy S line just yet, that doesn’t mean they haven’t leaked out. According to the folks at XDA Developers, the leaked software they’ve seen contains a few configuration items for upcoming Galaxy S10 models, and some of which seem to come with 5G support.

This is quite interesting, given the standard isn’t yet quite final, and there aren’t (and aren’t likely to be when the Galaxy S10 launches) any 5G networks around at the moment.

The three devices are listed under the codenames Beyond0, Beyond1 and Beyond2, the Beyond part being the known code-name for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. In usual Samsung form, each has Qualcomm-powered and Exynos-powered variants, and the upper model – the Beyond2 – apparently comes with both LTE and 5G variants.

This latest information is further confirmation of a three-tier strategy for the 2019 launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 flagship. Beyond0 and 1 are likely to be the smaller Galaxy S10 (i.e. non plus-sized) with a few differences between them, and the larger Beyond2 will be the Galaxy S10+, which may come with optional 5G.

It’s most likely – given the scarcity of actual 5G networks – that the LTE versions of all phones (including the Galaxy S10+) will launch in most markets first. The 5G variant is most likely to go on sale first in South Korea where 5G networks are properly advanced, though its expected some US markets may be 5G ready by the time the phone launches (or not too long after).

As for Australia? Who knows. There’s lots of noise about 5G networks at the moment, but no concrete plans (or dates) for when we’ll get our first.

Source: XDA.

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