As September draws to a close, we edge ever closer to Google’s eponymous “Made by Google” event scheduled for next month. Though much of what’s to be announced has been swirling around the rumoursphere, the Google Home Hub is one of the tastier rumours, and appears to have passed through the FCC earlier today.

With the FCC ID A4RH1A, the “Interactive Video Streaming Device” gives very little information, beyond Bluetooth and WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz compatibility. The label location gives little away, except that the base will have a rectangular shape with rounded edges.

The FCC ID itself gives a bit away, too. A4R is Google’s code, and H1A is the device code. Previous Home devices have had similar hardware IDs, with the Home Mini given H0A, and Home Max H0B.

According to the leaks we’ve seen, the Google Home Hub will feature a 7-inch touch screen, far-field microphones and capable speakers, as well as an ambient light sensor.

A front-facing camera (for Duo use) has not been rumoured, which is rather surprising given other Smart Displays have opted for one, but it’s likely — according to reports — that this device will have a sharp price (perhaps as low as $149), which might explain certain cost-saving measures.

One thing is for sure; with a launch event in just a couple of weeks on October 9, we’ll soon know what Google’s been making for your home.

Source: FCC.
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