The Made by Google event next month is where we’ll see our first official look at the phones after countless unofficial leaks. What we’re still keen to get a look at is their Pixel Stand wireless charger, and thanks to Google including a graphic of it in their latest Google app, we can.

There are two GIFs of the stand in action, found by 9to5Google in their APK Insight series where they pull apart APKs to see what’s coming next. The animated GIFs show the Pixel Stand will put your phone into an almost vertical mounting position with first showing photos in a slideshow being displayed while it charges.

The second shows functionality similar to that discovered in the APK earlier this month showing off alarms, notifications, calendar entries and music being played back.

Whether this is actually how the Pixel Stand will orient your device or not is up for debate, but Google usually does use their own devices for reference when creating documentation such as this. We’ll find out though in just over two weeks.

In terms of availability, cost etc. we’ll have to wait for the Made by Google event to know more.

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    Just heard as you no doubt have, and I can’t believe the story. Sadly the leaks are real, and weren’t stopped because it was a bit of a corporate game… bugger

    The whole pixel 3/3xl phone was a game to see who gets to make the pixel 4

    The phones are different because they were designed by two different teams, it was a challenge, the loosing team looses the production race

    Team 3xl received the highest criticism, so will loose the contract

    Looks like I’ll be waiting for the pixel 4