Huawei’s hotly anticipated Mate 20 Pro will be announced in London next month, and while the phone is exciting, what will go around your phone is also of interest. The official cases for the phone have now leaked giving us a good look at what we can expect.

The lack of a hole for a rear fingerprint sensor leads us to the conclusion that the cases are for the Mate 20 Pro, with that phone apparently set to use an in-display fingerprint sensor. There are four cases shown off in the leak, a basic TPU case which we suspect may be supplied in the box with the phone, a more premium basic case, a wallet style case which can prop the phone up for viewing video and a window style case that will let you view notifications and interact with them while still protecting the phone.

The first case is the TPU case which is shown here in a clear plastic version:

The next case is the more ‘deluxe’ version possibly in either a vinyl or leather material, seen here in purple though we suspect there will be other colour options:

If you’re a fan of wallet style cases then the next case is very much up your alley. There’s no clasp, but there are slots for at least two cards on the inner lining of the front flap. The case can also be used to prop the phone up for video or media viewing:

Finally, the windowed case looks like a great option if you like to see what’s happening on your phone with a quick glance. The cut out panel should allow you to interact with the phone as well as view your notifications – though without having to open the front flap fully.

Huawei hasn’t always done so well when bringing cases to market here in Australia, but with their phones in demand it’s certainly an option they should keep in mind with the Australian Mate 20/Mate 20 Pro launch later this year.

Would you purchase one of these cases for your Mate 20 Pro?

Via: Slashleaks.