Arlo Security Light System has finally arrived in Australia today as a nifty addition to your existing Arlo Smart Home Security system.

The system is a complementary system for your existing Arlo Security Cameras which while they have Infra-Red for night vision, they don’t have the same blaring ability as a floodlight for scaring off a potential intruder. The Arlo Security Light System is smart and enables users to receive alerts whenever motion is detected allowing them to manage their system via the Arlo mobile app available in Google Play and the iOS app store.

Netgear are selling Arlo in a single pack for $249, or in a two-pack for $399. The system is IP65-certified allowing them to be mounted either indoors or outdoors in the rain, sun, or cold. The Arlo Seurity Light System is wire-free with a rechargeable battery offering long life between charging or there’s an optional solar panel which can be purchased separately enabling a more constant power supply without recharging.

The lights are adjustable with different colours which can flash on or off, and allow the user to adjust beam width and more. You can set the lights to automatically flash red, or any other colour, or illuminate in synchronised patterns individually or in groups when motion is detected by one of the lights or cameras, bringing more attention to unexpected activity.

As well as the Arlo mobile app, you can also integrate these lights into your smart home setup with the Arlo Skill for Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant app, as well as integrating it with IFTTT recipes.

Vice President and Managing Director, Arlo Technologies, APAC, Brad Little said of the Arlo Security Light System

A completely wire-free setup means Arlo Security Light users aren’t restricted by cords or power sources. Integration into the Arlo mobile app delivers instant alerts, coupled with smart automation features, all easily accessible and controllable remotely anywhere, anytime. We take security seriously and the exterior of the home is no exception.

To learn more about the Arlo Smart Home Security products you can check out or if you’re sold you can head into your favourite retailer and grab one or order online.

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    I really like the idea of 100% wireless security lights and I love my Arlo Pro 2 camera’s and the fact that they can pick up motion at night time and record video in the dark as well and are 100% wireless. But $249.00 is a bit much I think if I was to replace my current security light set up which cost me $18.99 on eBay for a 4 x LED motion sensor light with daytime sensor and runs off 4 x D size batteries and has been running off the same set of batteries for over a year… Read more »