+ Tuesday November 19th, 2019

Google has been on a roll lately upgrading some of its core apps to a Material Design look, and the latest to get the treatment is Google Calendar. With version 6.0 – which has been released in the last day or two – the new design is everywhere, and you can load it today.

The highlight of Google Calendar’s Material Design overhaul is the mostly white look, the loss of unnecessary gray tones, and a new Google-coloured floating action button (see above). The overall design of the app has changed a bit, too, and looks a lot cleaner than it did before.

Besides the change in visual design, it doesn’t seem there’s any actual new features underneath. However, the new design is enough of a reason to upgrade, and it’s making one of the most used Android apps (well, for me, at least) look a whole lot better.

If you’ve got Google Calendar installed already, keep an eye out for the update coming soon. Otherwise you could probably grab it from APK Mirror if you can’t wait.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


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Chris Rowland

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I dislike the design because it looks like a basic Samsung Cal app and it’s harder to use. The design before this one was a little kindergarten-ish work it’s shapes and colors but it was advanced yet easy to understand how to use. But this new one is not as easy to understand and use. It’s harder to read, see, and understand. Everyone would agree.


Obv Chris with the A-League game there.

Wrong Sydney team though 🙂

Ausdroid Reader

But the right NSW team… 🙂

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