A couple of days ago we showed the new wallpapers that will be arriving with the Google Pixel 3 phones in a couple of weeks. Tonight the leaker that provided the wallpapers has finally made the APK file available for all.

The app makes it easy to install the wallpapers from the Pixel 3 and the good news is that it is not limited to Pixel devices and there is no hackery required. The Pixel 3 wallpaper APK will work on any phone that is running Android 9.0 Pie and already has the Google Wallpaper app installed from the Play Store. I was able to install it on a OnePlus 6 and then access the wallpapers through the Google Wallpaper app. Once installed all Live Wallpapers worked perfectly and looked great on an AMOLED display.

The folks over at XDA have also been doing some investigating on a video that the above leaker provided (and then removed) a while back. They managed to to grab some screenshots that demonstrate Google Lens running in real time. Sure Google Lens can currently work in real time but only when opened directly, not from the Google Camera viewfinder. In the video the user places a business card in front of the camera viewfinder, Google Lens recognises the email address on the card and then offers the suggestion to open Gmail to send to an email to said email address.

XDA have been able to independently confirm the existence of this feature and while we expect it to arrive on all Google Pixel phones before too long it seems fairly certain it will at first be a Pixel 3 exclusive. Stay tuned to Ausdroid in the buildup to the #MadeByGoogle event for all the latest information as well as any local information we manage to come across.

Source: Ishan Agarwal.
Via: XDA Developers.