Virgin Australia released an update to their Android app today and in the changelog was something we’ve been hoping to see rollout here in Australia, Google Pay integration for boarding passes. As announced back in July this year the Google Pay app can now host more than just your payment and reward cards: you can also house concert tickets, transit passes and boarding passes there as a start.

We’ve installed the update and were greeted with the update screen pronouncing the addition of Google Pay integration as well as real-time flight tracking from within the app.

I don’t have any flights that I can currently use to check out how the process works, but if it’s similar to other airlines I’ve used once you’ve checked into a flight you’ll have the option to send the boarding pass to Google Pay. Once you’ve done that they appear in the ‘passes’ section of the Google Pay app, tap on the flight and your QR code boarding pass will pop up..

Of course, if Virgin Australia wants to fly me business class somewhere I’ll be more than happy to give the boarding pass integration a full review! If you’ve got a Virgin flight coming up, install the app below and get ready for Google Pay awesomeness.

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Tony White

Found how it works, view your boarding pass in the app, click the ‘Scan barcode’ button at the bottom of the boarding pass. And there is an option at the bottom ‘G Pay | Save to Phone’

Gaurav Lazarus

The App has been out at least since the 11th of June, been using it since then! Its quite a good app. With your upcoming flights you can check in via the app. If you get to the airport and check in the app automatically gets your boarding pass.

I am very happy with it!

Dean Rosolen

When did they release a full-fledged app? I’ve only seen the Flight Specials app (which is seriously in need of an overhaul) and their in-flight entertainment app.

Duncan Jaffrey

This specific app was released in April this year. Not sure if it is entirely new or a new release of an older app.