The launch of the Pixel 3 is becoming a more global affair, at least in the northern hemisphere, with Google inviting press to an I <3 LDN event on October 9th joining concurrent events running in New York and France.

The I <3 London event will be running at the same time as the events in New York and London, starting at 11am EST (in New York), or 2am on October 10th here in Australia. The image being used for the I <3 LDN event is a lot lower image than those used for the Paris and New York events, but is similar in style.

The event in New York is expected to unveil the now very well leaked Pixel 3 and 3 XL phones as well as the Google Home Hub Smart Display. Google is also rumoured to be launching a second-generation of their Pixel Buds, and two Chrome OS devices with a replacement Pixelbook and a newer detachable tablet form factor. There’s also the possibility that Google will announce a surprise or two at the event.

Google will be live streaming the event from New York on their YouTube Channel from 2am AEST on October 10th so everyone can tune in for all the news.

Via: 9to5Google.
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    Martin Olminkhof

    Not impressed unless they were to also hold an event in Australia…

    Chris Rowland

    Well, we know they have a local media briefing, but that’s not an event like the I <3 x series. It’s a real shame.. yes, Australia’s small on the international stage, but we’re also a launch market usually. You’d think we’d rank a little higher.


    Only thing that we don’t know is which carriers it will launch on I guess. Fingers crossed it’s not a Telstra exclusive again!


    Typo in the first paragraph “to an I 3 <LDN". It should be "I <3 LND".

    And I wonder what there is to reveal? Release date and price I guess.

    Chris Rowland

    Google is calling the event I <3 LDN, so it's not a typo. It's not LND.

    It'll just be a parallel launch to the Made by Google event in New York, from what we understand.