After announcing the first phone running Android Pie right out of the gate at IFA, Sony has announced that the Xperia XZ3 will be running a unique set of Google Assistant commands when it goes on-sale.

The phone will feature commands that integrate Sony specific features with the Google Assistant, much the same way as we’ve seen LG integrate their LG ThinQ AI platform with Google Assistant for commands on the phone. Sony’s Google Assistant integrations will work across five languages: English, Japanese, German, Spanish and French allowing users to launch features and learn more about their device.

Sony’s inclusion of a dedicated shutter button for the camera has allowed them to integrate three ways to call the Google Assistant. They can either double tap of the power button, press and hold down the home button, or simply say “Hey Google”.

Features that users will be able to access include saying”

  • ‘Open Side sense settings – will open the Side Sense menu to change which apps appear in your Side sense menu.
  • ‘What is Side sense’ or ‘Tell me about Side sense’ – will tell you more about how Side sense works.
  • ‘What is Smart launch’ – will give you an introduction to the Smart Launch feature.
  • ‘Take a 4K HDR movie’ – will, unsurprisingly launch the camera and start recording a video in 4K.
  • ‘Take a Super slow-motion video’ – will do just that.
  • ‘Open 3D Creator’ – will open Sony’s 3D scanning and creation tool
  • ‘What is 4K HDR Movie recording’, ‘What is Super slow motion’ and ‘What is 3D Creator’ – will explain more about these features.
  • ‘Try Dynamic Vibration with YouTube’ or ‘Try Dynamic Vibration with Album’ – will give you a demonstration of Sony’s haptic feedback in media.

Finally, if you just want to get a broad view of what the phone can do you can just say ‘What can this phone do?’

Sony hasn’t as yet announced whether they intend to bring the Sony Xperia XZ3 to Australia as yet. The Xperia XZ3 hasn’t yet appeared on the Sony Australia website, so it’s possible we may not be seeing the phone down under or they’re just holding out to tease a little more. As soon as we hear anything we’ll certainly let you know.

Source: Sony.