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Google hasn’t been using wireless charging since the Nexus 6 was launched back in 2014, but with the launch of the Pixel 3 they’re returning to the standard with a new accessory called the Pixel Stand. The stand has been leaking steadily in images, but a press render has now shown up giving us our first real look at it.

The leak comes courtesy of mysmartprice.com, who’ve shown that the Pixel Stand looks very much like we’ve seen in previous leaks allowing the phone to stand up while being charged. The stand has what appears to be an orange rubberised matt on the bottom with the ‘G’ logo which will stop movement while the phone is charging, with a cutout for a recessed charging port which is apparently USB-C.

The Pixel will have a number of functions it will display while charging including showing alarms, notifications, calendar entries and music being played back, as shown off in this GIF found in an APK teardown.

Google will of course have to address issues with Wireless Charging including speed which has previously proven to be an issue with wireless chargers, though they work well enough for top up charging during the day.

We’ll find out all about the Pixel Stand when Google unveils all their new hardware at the Made By Google event in New York (London and France) on October 9th (October 10th at 2am AEST).

Are you looking forward to wireless charging?

Source: Pixel Stand.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

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Max Luong
Ausdroid Reader

Can’t wait! I have all these Qi chargers lying around from my N4/N5/N7 days.

Although less needed these days due to fast charging, I always found it convenient having one on the desk to keep the battery levels up.

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