As we saw earlier this week, Google’s group planning feature which allows you and a group of friends to collaboratively decide on a place to go, begn going live for at least one user. Google has now officially announced the feature for Android and iOS and it’s coming to everyone.

The feature was announced back at Google I/O and lets you and a group of friends pick somewhere to eat within Google Maps, letting everyone look at the options that are available and vote up or down each entry.

To get the feature going you’ll be able to long press on any place name to add it to a shortlist which appears as a floating chathead style bubble on the side of your screen. Once you’ve got a shortlist you can share the list to all your friends and they can simply jump into the list in Google Maps to start checking them out.

The feature is going live from today for everyone on Android and iOS, so you can expect the usual delays from Google, but hopefully it won’t take too long.

Google Maps
Google Maps
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    Daniel Gray

    I couldn’t get this working. Is live for everyone?