Google’s upcoming Home Hub Smart Display has leaked again overnight, this time in Charcoal for those wanting a darker colour option for their home decor.

The leak via Android Headlines, shows the same design as the previous Home Hub leak last week in Google’s Chalk colour tone with the same mesh fabric rear on the back, though in Charcoal this time. While the rear of the device is Charcoal, the front of the display however remains Chalk or White in colour and again there’s no sign of a camera for video calling.

The team at Android Headlines has also managed to get a side shot of the Home Hub, giving you a look at how it will look in profile, with the power cable hitting the back just a few centimetres from the base. The mostly wedge shaped design looks to allow you to easily view the screen, but not angle the display.

As far as specs are concerned, the Home Hub will have a 7″ touch capable display, with dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth. As mentioned there doesn’t appear to be a camera on the display, however there will be an ambient light sensor. There’s a mute switch on the back for privacy mode, and that’s about all we can tell at this stage.

Pricing wise it’s believed that the Home Hub will be priced at $149 but there’s no telling what it will be priced at when it arrives in Australia.

We saw a device head through the FCC last week with the model # HA1 which we believe to be the Home Hub, confirming some of the details, but we’ll know a lot more about it when it’s announced at the Made by Google Event on October 9th.

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    It looks like 3rd party smart screens from Lenovo and JBL will be much much better than the Google one. No camera? What is Google thinking? Design fail. Two main uses for smart screens are in the kitchen (where your hands are sticky) and for elderly people to communicate. Fabric ain’t so good in the kitchen. No camera hobbles the second use