OnePlus seem to be outdoing themselves each and every phone release for the last few years. This year’s second flagship release, the OnePlus 6T looks to be an evolution in itself from what we have seen from leaks and rumours. Overnight renders of the OnePlus 6T surfaced showing what it will look like from all angles.

Thanks to @OnLeaks and MySmartPrice we got our best look at the OnePlus 6T overnight with not just renders but also a 3D video of it made from CAD drawings. The first renders, as seen below show the phone in black and white and as you can see it maintains the sleek, curved lines of the OnePlus 6 rear.

The sides of the phone are the same, button-wise as the OnePlus 6, but the front of the phone appears to have a notification LED at the bottom of the display. Considering the minuscule bezel we are expecting here this is a bit of a surprise and I will wait until I see the real thing before I believe that location. OnePlus have shrunken the notch so it is possible that they no longer had room for the LED in the notch a the top and had to relocate it somewhere but it seems strange they would increase bezel size to fit it there — the LED cannot be seen in the coloured renders below so one of these may be wrong.

By now we know that OnePlus have decided to forego the fingerprint sensor from the rear of the device and instead opting to use an in-display fingerprint sensor just as their sister company, OPPO, did on the R17. Not only did OnePlus remove the rear fingerprint sensor but they have also removed the 3.5mm headphone jack but this time they have not relocated it. This was expected and comes as no surprise as OnePlus look to pack other things into their phones.

The OnePlus 6T, from the CAD measurements, is expected to be 157.5 x 75.7 x 8.2mm, slightly thicker than the OPPO R17 Pro which it’s design is based upon signalling that it will have a higher capacity battery than the OPPO. It is also 0.5mm thicker than the OnePlus 6 but you wouldn’t expect an in-display fingerprint sensor to take up more room than a rear-mounted one. Is it possible that OnePlus have decided to include wireless charging in the 6T? It is expected to have a glass back so it is possible.

By the looks of all of the renders above the OnePlus 6T looks to be yet another step in the right direction for OnePlus with the addition of an in-display fingerprint sensor, something we have not seen in many mainstream phones just yet. By the time you add in their AMOLED display protected by Gorilla Glass 6, a Snapdragon 845, 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of onboard storage it should be a great phone.

The rear camera setup is expected to be a 16MP and 20MP dual camera setup and after the sketchy DxOMark leak overnight it should be better than all of it’s previous phones, and even a step up on what the Google Pixel 2 is so it is not something to be easily dismissed.

OnePlus just keep getting better and better from one release to the next. Gone are their silly PR stunts, replaced with a maturing company that continues to offer flagship specs at mid-range prices.

Of course, nothing is set in stone but we put a fair amount of reliability in the above leaks. All will become clear in a few weeks on October 17 when the OnePlus 6T is announced. Stay tuned for more details as we follow the buildup to its release very closely.

Source: MySmartPrice.
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Stephen Woots

and, if it will be available in Aust. Had to replace a dead phone in a hurry so got a Pixel XL 2 ( JBs / Telstra deal, not bad) . Maybe I should stop worrying until the 8T.


Where do you see the notification LED at the bottom? I don’t see it in the renders