Telstra customers will be able to get their hands (or wrists) on Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch from next Thursday in a carrier exclusive deal for the LTE version. Telstra customers will be able to use Telstra One Number, allowing them to share their compatible Telstra mobile number with the Galaxy Watch, giving customers the freedom to leave their phone (and wallet) at home, with everything they need on their wrist.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch will be available from Telstra in Midnight Black (42mm), Rose Gold (42mm) and Silver (46mm).

Nicholas Broomfield, GM of Mobiles at Telstra said:

“Last year Telstra was one of the first Australian telcos to introduce eSIM technology for connected smart watches with Telstra One Number, and we are excited to now introduce eSIM support for the Samsung Galaxy Watch as customer demand builds.

This means that customers won’t have to worry about forgetting their phone at home, or taking it with them when they pop out to the shops or go for a run – with Telstra One Number they’ll still be able to connect to Australia’s best mobile network through their Galaxy Watch.”

Telstra customers can take up a 42mm model for $25/mth for 24mths when they maintain a home or mobile plan (Min cost $600 + your existing plan charges) or $600 outright. The 46mm model will be available for $27/mth for 24mths when they maintain a home or mobile plan (Min cost $648 + your existing plan charges) or $648 outright. Telstra One Number is an  optional service, and costs an additional $5/mth.

As to whether Samsung’s Galaxy Watch LTE will become available on other carriers remains unknown, but we certainly remain hopeful.

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Julie Camilleri

Westpac has a reward offer in the app where you can get 20% off your Galaxy watch, or if you subscribed to receive a pre-order offer through Samsung, you were able to get a free dual wireless charger.


Seems like a better deal is You end up doing any 2 transactions on your samsung pay and get a code which you can use to purchase the watch and dual charger together and dual charger is free – I did that so I am aware


The best deal I have seen so far for the new Galaxy watches is from JB HiFi where appears if you pre order before October 3 2018 you get a $50 JB HiFi gift card. Seems like a nice bonus.


How is it cheaper? Outright price for the 46mm LTE version via Samsung is $649.00, on a plan it is $27pm for 24 month which equates to $648.00.

The 42mm is $599 Outright or $600 on a the plan over 24 months.

Khoa Pham

Only $430 or so on Ebay


And probably only $200 from the guy in the alley that sourced it from the back of a truck. Point is, it is practically the same price to buy through Telstra on a plan as it is to buy it through any other reputable retailer such as Harvey Norman, JB HiFi or Saumsung, so it therefore not cheaper to buy online outright unless you want to buy a grey import from an unknown retailer or a second hand/refurbished device.


It’s cheaper to buy it not on a plan lol