The leaky ship that is the Pixel 3 launch sails on, with more leaks appearing overnight including a video of features from the phone intended for newer users.

The video of the ‘Pixel Tips’ is courtesy of MySmartPrice and Twitter user Ishan Agarwal who have partnered up for this one. The video was apparently pulled from a Pixel 3 in the possession of a colleague of Agarwal, who has slowly been drip feeding bits and pieces from the phone including wallpapers and more.

The video will apparently be a part of a Pixel Tips section in the Settings menu according to 9to5Google. The Pixel Tips section will have it’s own APK with a nifty new Google colours themed icon:

While there isn’t a whole heap of new material in the video, with it effectively re-hashing most of what the average Pixel user already knows, there is a look at the new Camera UI about 55 seconds in.

The MySmartPrice article includes some screenshots from the Pixel 3 and Pixel Tips video, but again this isn’t really new information, though the video is worth a watch. Here’s some of the pics, but if you want to see more you can head over to the source for more.

The Pixel 3 is going to be officially unveiled in just under two weeks, so we’ll have to see what, if anything, Google still has to announce about these phones.

Source: MySmartPrice.
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The Google Event for Pixel 3 is due on Oct 9 (Oct 10 in Australia). Do we know yet how long after that before the handsets are going to be available?