Australian electronics retailer JB HiFi has quietly begun offering their own service, called JB HiFi Mobile, offering two BYO plans.

Leveraging their close ties with Telstra, JB Hifi is now offering two exclusive plans utilising the Telstra 3G/4G network, and offering all the same inclusions that the Telstra network offers including Apple Music for 6 months and more.

There are two plans on offer, with a $45/month 12 Month BYO plan and $65/month 24 month plan. While both plans offer unlimited talk and text to standard Australian numbers there’s a difference in data. The launch of plans are seeing bonus data included with the $45/month plan offering 25GB of data (15GB standard + 10GB Bonus data), while the $65 plan offers 45GB of data (40GB standard + 5GB bonus data).

This being JB HiFi there is a $200 JB Hi-Fi Gift card on offer for the $45 plan, while the $65 plan will give you either a $300 phone credit towards a phone priced at less than $999, or a $500 phone credit when the phone is priced at more than $999.

This discounts a number of phones like the OPPO Find X discounted to $899 and SuperVOOC Find X to $1099 on the $45 plan, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be had from $999 on the $65 plan.

These are some decent offerings, but there doesn’t appear to be a website to refer to for the service just yet. If you’re interested you’re probably best off heading in-store to chat with a JB HiFi rep.

Update: This article has been updated after clarification. This is not an MVNO, simply two exclusive plans that JB now offer.

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    So since it’s not a MVNO I take it you can use native Wi-Fi calling on phones Telstra have approved on their network (e.g. The Pixel 2 XL)? If so I’m jumping ship from Optus…


    If you want wifi calling to work buy an iphone, as its the one thing that works! Andriod, its hit & miss, you need the the phone to have the settings baked in with andiod, so you need the T$ branded version of the phone in the case of telstra. Same goes for Optus and Vodafone. Luck apples get all the settings from over the network when you insert a sim.