Huawei made possibly the best first generation Android smartwatch. Second generation came along and they made possibly the best smartwatch that the public could easily afford to buy. Since then we have been waiting to see what they bring for their sequel and today we may have seen it with the long rumoured Huawei Watch GT.

Over at Slashleaks they have managed to get their hands on what appears to be some internal material for the upcoming Huawei Watch GT. The leaked material are a few screenshots of what appear to be internal documents of the upcoming smartwatch. One slide calls the watch the Fortuna which is most likely an internal codename for the Watch GT.

2018 and non-Apple smartwatch manufacturers are focusing on one of the areas that Apple is beating it in – fitness. The new Watch GT, according to these documents, appears to be focusing on improving fitness functionality with running plans, real time coaching and training effect analysis so several activities including running, biking, swimming, mountaineering and hiking. The training effect analysis is the most interesting to me: is this going to be more than just heart rate monitoring? How about oxygen saturation along with other key fitness measurables?

The new watch will also come with a much longer battery life with a special “watch mode” giving 14 days battery life with all features on and seven days with the screen always on. As for the design it appears to be very similar to the Huawei Watch 2 but of course these leaked images are from a single angle with a very average resolution.

Very little else is known about the smartwatch but we hope it arrives with a newer chip than the Snapdragon 2100 in the Huawei Watch 2.

When this watch will appear is anyone’s guess but with the Mate 20 launching in a couple of weeks it would seem a great time to announce it. While Huawei may not want to take any of the focus off their Mate 20 launch it would not surprise us if they just announced it then. Stay tuned for all the latest in the lead up to that announcement — October looks set to be a very fun month.

Source: Slashleaks.
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At this stage, there would be no point buying any watch that uses the older Snapdragon 2100 processor. The newer Snapdragon 3100 is now on the market. Wait for that, and get better battery life.