Had enough of the Google Pixel 3 XL yet? Well, with just under two weeks left before the official unveiling of the phone, the Ukranian bloggers who have the phone are continuing to cash-in, this time with another hands-on video.

This video is courtesy of the same site – rozetked.me – who has previously published articles showing the phone off, as well as providing quite a comprehensive array of sample photos from the phone.

In this video we see the phone again – although frustratingly the host spends the entire time on the home screen (Why?!). The video, which is in Russian, sees the phone discussed with the back texture of the phone discussed, as well as the quality of the haptic motor – he says it’s better than an iPhone – and one good thing is the phone doesn’t appear to rock when placed flat on a bench.

You can turn on closed captions to get an idea of what’s being discussed if you’re into it, so check it out: