Google’s rumoured detachable Tablet/Chromebook known up until now as ‘Nocturne’ apparently has a name, with Android Police’s David Ruddock tweeting that it will be called the Pixel Slate.

As David notes, this is barely worth a post – but as a large portion of our audience either isn’t on social media or uses something other than Twitter – we thought you’d like to know.

Of course down here in Australia we’re less worried about what it’s called, and more about whether Google will sell it, and the rumoured Pixelbook 2 here. Google has traditionally never sold Chromebooks through their online Google store, so we just don’t know.

We may find out at the launch, so stay tuned if Google does announce availability.

Source: David Ruddock.
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Yep, staying as far away as I can from “social media”, including Twitter. So, thanks for posting. This was the first item in my *custom-personalised* (tailored to my data-mined browsing habits) news feed.