+ Tuesday November 19th, 2019

LG made one of the first Android Wear watches, but in more recent years, it’s made some stinkers. LG’s Watch Urbane was a fairly stylish addition to the range of Wear OS smart watches, but last year’s LG Watch Sport was .. not.

Like many of the earlier smartwatch brands, LG has been pretty quiet on this front in recent times, perhaps waiting for better hardware and advancements in technology to make a smartwatch more appealing.

It seems Q4 2018 is the time to shine, with LG tipped to launch the Watch W7 alongside the LG V40 ThinQ next week, according to Evan Blass.

The news isn’t terribly surprising, given the watch passed through the FCC earlier in the year. Timing suggests it could incorporate Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor for some battery savings, but equally, it could be a bit soon, depending on how quickly after the launch LG plan to have the Watch W7 on shelves.

Much of what is ‘known’ about the LG Watch W7 is speculation; one feature comes up frequently, and that’s the inclusion of physical watch-hands over the smartwatch face, allowing the watch to achieve better battery life when the smart screen (and perhaps even internals) are in a sleep state.

Only one thing is really sure; we know LG’s V40 ThinQ launches next week on 3 October, and if Evan’s on the money (he usually is) we’ll see the Watch W7 then too.

Chris Rowland   Managing Editor

Chris Rowland

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