In the lead up to their Made by Google launch, Google is obviously paving the way, this time by introducing a Repair Centre for Pixel devices.

It’s not really a secret that getting your Pixel phone repaired outside of the US is what can only be described as a hot mess. In the US, Google partners with uBreakiFix and Puls for repairs, but here, the options are less clear cut. Now in the US you can get Google to do it.

The repair centre covers repairs to Pixel and Pixel 2 phones, and will likely add the Pixel 3 after their October 9th event. The Repair Centre page is linked from the Google Store in the US, and contains a few suggestions to fix your phone without involving a repair centre. If however, your problem is hardware based, you can then move to that phase.

You’ll need your IMEI number, and then have to sit through a follow the bouncing ball. Repairs under warranty are obviously free, however if it’s a cracked screen, water damaged or something else Google will give you an estimate for repair. Estimates for repair range from $239 for a cracked Pixel 2 XL screen, through to $413 for a waterlogged Pixel 2 XL – before tax, this is the US remember where pricing makes no sense.

Repair turn-around is 7-10 business days, after you’ve shipped your phone.

The only disappointment to this is that the option is US-only – and even then Google says it’s not available in all areas there so we’re not holding our breath for a massive expansion outside of there.

If you are in Australia, there is a Google Support page for getting your Pixel phone repaired if it’s out of warranty with the recommendation for Aussies to contact Google, or just go straight to the repairer:

Country Provider Devices Type of service Contact
Australia CTDi Sydney Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL Mail-in
  • Phone: +61 2 9150 4243

  • CTDi

Source: Google.
Via: Android Police.