The Google Pixel 3 event is not as shrouded in mystery as Google would like it, but there’s still some things which aren’t quite ‘known’ just yet and that includes the colour options. It looks like there will be three colours with the Just Black, and Clearly White options being joined by a third: Sand.

The ‘Pink’ or now we’re going to call it ‘Sand’ option first showed up as a CSS option in the Japanese teaser site earlier this month, joining the Black, White and ‘Mint’ colour options which were clearly visible on the site. According to Roland Quandt of, the Mint colour is in doubt, with his thoughts are it simply refering to the power button colour highlight on the Clearly White Pixel 3.

Google has dabbled in ‘Sand’ coloured options for devices previously with the Sand coloured Nexus 9 tablet launched as a US-only exclusive alongside the Nexus 6 back in 2014.

While Quandt is questioning the existence of the Mint coloured Pixel, there’s always the chance it’s still coming, though could be a regional exclusive much like the US-exclusive Sand coloured Nexus 9, Really Blue Pixel and Japanese (initially) exclusive Gold coloured Nexus 6P which eventually launched in the US.

We’re less than two weeks away from the Made by Google launch, so we’ll find out all about what’s available soon enough.

Source: Roland Quandt.