October is going to be a big month. Google Pixel 3, LG V40 ThinQ, Nokia 9, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Razer Phone 2 and of course the OnePlus 6T, all set to be announced in October. For OnePlus it has not been long since their impressive OnePlus 6 was released so it is no surprise to see them beginning the hype train just a couple of weeks out from the announcement.

We saw them send out a teaser of their in-display fingerprint sensor yesterday and in true OnePlus style that isn’t enough with another teaser heading out today. The new teaser talks about not just unlocking the future but also about the OnePlus 6T having “more power”.

While it has been leaked that the OnePlus 6T will have a larger battery than the OnePlus 6 we feel that there could be more to it. OnePlus are facing a lawsuit in Europe over the previous name of their proprietary charging solution — when tested with an OPPO VOOC charger it worked exactly the same and just as well. It makes sense that VOOC was the same as Dash Charging afterall OPPO and OnePlus are sister companies with a common parent.

Now OPPO have SuperVOOC which can charge their battery from 0-100% full in just 35 minutes. It is present in both the Find X and the R17 Pro so it stands to reason that OnePlus will want to put a version of it in their new phone. The video above talks about the future and has the picture of a battery — surely that can only mean OnePlus’ version of SuperVOOC? OnePlus often borrow things from the OPPO side of the factories and you can be sure they try and take this for their new flagship.

As I said, October looks set to be a big month. OnePlus always offer a very compelling package with their phones and we are definitely looking forward to bringing you all the information on it up until it’s announcement on the 17th of October. Hopefully this year they decide to sell it directly into Australia, unlikely but we can only dream.

How many of you would buy one of these if you could pick it up in JB Hi-Fi and the likes?

Source: OnePlus Twitter.
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I bought a One plus 6 from Kogan and so far it is amazing, but I paid through the nose. The pie update works well but if I had the choice I would definately buy the 6t from Harvey Norman


I imported my One Plus 5 Aug 2017 direct from One Plus via Shop Mate.
Hasn’t missed a beat.
Updates galore.
Will get the 6T for the wife.

Robert Fox

Having happily owned the 1+1, 2 & 3 if the 6T could be bought over the counter in Australia I would be very tempted to give up this Huawei Honour note ten for one. I’m no longer flying reguarly into China and buying a phone by mail with no warranty makes no sense, sorry oneplus!


isnt even a question, if I could buy it here I would absolutely buy it, as it is I still will probably import one.


Would look at it on its merits , but there are still some better equipped devices around imo ,
It will have to be considerably better before I would look at one.

Jamie S

I’m curious, what other better equipped devices are out there at the moment in that price range?


Pardon my typo , What i ment to say was better featured devices around , but if i wanted to save a buck on something similar , i would probably go the Xiaomi pocophone which if i remember correctly has a 4000 Mah battery ? apparently an ok camera , SD 845 and has a headphone jack for about 300 odd cheaper than the One plus 6 from kogan .

Jamie S

I’d be all over a 6T as my Pixel 2XL is running like crap. Multitasking cripples it, it freezes and lags like a Moto phone that gets too hot


Have you tried a factory reset?

Jamie S

Nope, but it only fixes it temporarily. I’ve only had the phone for a couple of months, if I have to factory reset it every month or two I’d rather buy another phone.

Daniel Orchard

I have, I think I will switch to a 6T as well, my Pixel2XL is a dud and with the P3 only offering 4gb of ram im done with pixels for now.


Two months means you are still well under warranty. You should may be have it replaced; am using the Pixel 2XL too and it runs like a dream. You dont get all the extra features of Android as much as you do with Google phones.

Stephen Woots

Having recently got a 2XL this is a worry. I might otherwise have imported a 1+ 6, but didn’t have the time. My Pixel so far working very nicely, and the upgrade to Pie is a bonus.