Winter is coming…well, it’s been, but that doesn’t matter because for a limited time you can save up to 50% on Game of Thrones on Google Play.

Before Game of Thrones Season 8 airs in the ‘first half’ of 2019, you probably should start catching up on the previous seven seasons and a good way to do it (legally) is by purchasing them on Google Play. All seven seasons are reduced from their usual price of $32.99 to just $17.99 each in HD – or $15.99 for Season 1 (also in HD), or you can buy the full seven season bundle for just $66.99 which works out to a ludicrously cheap $9.57 per season.

With 10 Emmy Award wins, and a plethora more nominations over the last eight years, the series is high in production values and quality and worth a watch if you haven’t checked it out already. If you’re interested in adding them to your collection head over to Google Play and check it out.

Source: Google Play.