Google Maps is about to make your daily commute a little easier with a new tab allowing you to plan ahead, and get up to date information on the journey ahead.

The Commute tab will be able to let you add in mixed modes of transport including public transport, driving, walking, riding and more. In short it will give you ‘one-tap access to live traffic and transit information tailored to your commute’ letting you know if you need to leave a little bit earlier in the morning to make it to your destination on time.

The update is heading to iOS and Android users, but Android users will get the benefit of notifications about delays and disruptions as they happen, allowing you to avoid them if possible.

Google Maps was created down here in Sydney, and that means Sydney-siders get an extra special perk with Google advising

Sydney, we’ve partnered with Transport New South Wales to show how full you next bus or train is – so you’ll know whether or not you’ll get a seat.

though Google says that this feature will be rolling out to more cities around the world soon.

Another bonus in this update is the inclusion of Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music controls in the commute tab so you don’t have to leave to control your music.

The update will be heading out to users from this week on both Android and iOS, so keep checking the Google Play store for an update to the app.

Source: Google.
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    Chris Colborne

    Has anyone got the combined commute tab yet? I’m still waiting, despite being on the beta channel and all!

    I’ve got the music integration, and can even see the Sydney bus fullness, but still split commute.

    Daniel Gray

    It would be handy if you could say that your public transport commute starts from a train station. I drive to the station, instead it tells me to leave an hour early to get a bus to a different station to where I drive to.

    Daniel Gray

    Shame it cannot put the speed and speed limit on the screen.

    Chris Rowland

    I’d love Google to do this; it’s part of the reason I use Waze instead of GMaps on Android Auto. I don’t think Google will add it, though … the rationale being if you’re driving, your car can already tell you how fast you’re going, and the speed limit… well you should be able to see that while driving.