LG will kick off what’s to be a busy October for smartphone announcements this week with the V40 ThinQ set to be unveiled on October 4th in New York. They’ve already begun teasing some of the details, but the most important part, the camera setup has just been made a little more clear.

The ever knowledgeable Evan Blass has tweeted out a description of the LG V40 camera setup which will see LG continue to use a Standard lens paired with the Super Wide-Angle lens they’ve become known for with previous V-series. Added to this new triple rear camera setup on the rear will now be a telephoto lens.

LG will also move to a dual front-facing camera setup on the V40 ThinQ with a standard lens and a Super Wide-Angle lens beside it.


LG has announced some small details about the V40 ThinQ, including the confirmation of five cameras on-board. The phone will have a 6.4-inch display (with a notch to hold those new front-facing cameras) and come in three colour options: ‘Carmine Red’, ‘Morokan Blue’ and ‘New Platinum Gray’ in a matte finish designed to avoid fingerprints.

We’re keen to check out the unveiling this week in New York, and hopefully find out LG’s plans for the V40 in Australia. We’ll be angling for as much information on a potential local launch here, so stay tuned.

Source: @evleaks.