Data prices keep on plummeting, and it feels like reach a new low every second week. It’s like the telcos are playing limbo or something. But while no one wins in a game of limbo, cheap data prices are great for everyone, so here are some of our favourite big data plans with small price tags.

Cheapest plans with at least 30GB on a contract

If you’re happy to sign a 12-month contract and lock yourself to a single provider for one year, you tend to get more data for your dollar, especially when it comes to the major telcos. I guess you could call it a loyalty bonus?

Think Mobile’s $37 per month plan with 40GB is one of the standouts here, but the Dodo 30GB plan is also worth considering if you don’t need quite as much data. You’ll get your first six months half-price, so your total cost for one year ends up being just $360. This makes it the cheapest plan in this list, based on your 12-month minimum cost.

Cheapest plans with at least 30GB and no contract

While the best value plans are often sold on a contract basis, there’s plenty of great prepaid deals with no lock-in around these days. amaysim’s new 40GB prepaid recharge is undeniably the star of the show here, getting you 10GB more than that competitors for roughly the same price. It is however worth noting that some of these recharges are sold on a 28-day basis, so you’ll end up recharging 13 times per year.

Cheapest plans with at least 10GB on a contract

Big data is kinda subjective, as is cheap, so here are a couple of plans with a little less data and a lower monthly fee. Dodo is once against the cheapest over the course of a year, thanks to a half-price for the first six months promotion.

Cheapest plans with at least 10GB and no contract

And if you want less data and no contract, TPG is the top choice here. You’ll get 10GB of data for $15 per month for your first six months, and since the plan is contract-free, you’re under no obligation to stay after the promo runs out.





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    Graeme I don’t know who researched this, but they must work for Telstra.

    Jeenee offers a 100gb plan for 65 a month. No contract.

    And a kids plan for 8 dollars a month.

    Dennis Bareis

    Maybe at the high end things are getting better but there is no movement on the low data end…