Google’s Japanese Pixel teaser site has been a gold mine of teasers since its appearance, and today it’s been updated with a new teaser video that’s all about squeezing.

The squeeze theme is an obvious reference to the squeezabale Active Edge feature that Google (and HTC) introduced on the Pixel 2 phones last year. The teaser video runs through various instances of squeezing things, hands, faces and lots more, all with a funky beat.

To date, the site, which can be found at has teased four possible colours of Pixel phone, now the Active Edge feature – though we were pretty sure that was coming back anyway.

The launch of the Pixel 3 is really a mere formality at this stage, but we can’t wait to see what else the Japanese Google site comes up with.

Source: Pixel Japan.
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Craig Mitchell

Hooray! I’m always using the active edge. So easy to quickly google something, or tell my phone to turn on the flashlight or similar.


If they make it more HTC-esque like being able to program it to do certain actions like take a photo.
At the moment I have literally 10 different ways to launch an assistant I don’t even use…

Well no, technically that’s wrong – but everything I need is on the screen such as commuting times etc.


I never found much use for the active edge. It doesn’t work when the phone is locked, so that’s most of the time.