With the rate at which new Google hardware is leaking ahead of their official announcements, it’s a surprise to see Google sneak one in under the radar, announcing a new Aqua coloured Google Home Mini.

The new colour option, which is made from the same fabric as their other Home Mini devices, joins the Chalk, Charcoal and (Google Store exclusive) Coral coloured options; and is the first new colour since the Home Mini line was announced at the Made by Google event in October last year.

The indications are that the speaker will be the same price as the other three colours options the Google Home Mini already comes in, though availability isn’t clear for Australia.

The Aqua coloured option is heading to the Google Store online later this month, as well as selling as an exclusive colour option at retailer Walmart in the US.

We’ll be checking in with Google Australia about the availability of the Aqua model here, but if you already have the Chalk, Charcoal and Coral coloured Home Mini’s you’ll be wanting to get a hold of one of these at some stage as well.

Source: Google.