By now every man and his dog knows that Google are having their MadeByGoogle event in New York on the 9th of October (US time). We have multiple leaks and rumours of hardware set to be announced, with some having been debunked by now. One such rumour is the Pixel 3 Ultra.

At first it was believed that Google were going to introduce a third Pixel phone this year, a larger variety but this was soon exposed to be fake. Google themselves have obviously been following all of these rumours that some have been creating and we have been reporting on because they have had a bit of fun with it via their @MadeByGoogle Instagram account.

Google are really having some fun with us with a phone that is about 15cm in height (approximately the Pixel 2 XL height) and then three much smaller phones, with on apparently small enough to fit on a key ring.

Obviously this is tongue in cheek by Google with them rounding out the post with them confirming that the Pixel 3 lineup will be “a bit bigger than this”. We look forward to next week when Google will reveal the Pixel 3 lineup to us.

Tune in to Ausdroid while we bring you all the news from New York as it happens.
Do you think Google will have any surprises up their sleeves?

Source: MadeByGoogle.
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So a Pixel Watch then ?


there 100% is a market for a small “paired” to your main device phone. HTC tried it a few years ago from memory, but then most phones were under 5″ anyway.

With huge devices today, I’d appreciate a pocketable, phone and basic function device with NFC for google pay to take with me when hiking, mountain biking or just wanting to have a few hours/days away from my main device.

Martin Olminkhof

But will it have a notch….


But the Pixel 3 won’t.. only the XL
Shame though because I love the 6 inch screen on the 2XL.

Fingers crossed for the 4XL to be notch free!

Max Luong

Oooh…. Yes, please!