After launching the .app Top Level Domains (TLD) prior to Google I/O earlier this year, Google has today announced that early access registrations for the .page TLD are now open.

From today, early access – read: more expensive – registrations for domains in the .page TLD are now able to be purchased from selected Google partners including GoDaddy, and more. The early access program will last for a week until the open registration of .page domains begins on October 9th, the same day as the Made by Google event will be taking place in New York.

As with the .app TLD, Google is requiring all sites running on the domain to use SSL to protect against ad malware and tracking injections as part of Google’s efforts to have HTTPS everywhere.

There are already a number of .page domains already gone including actress Ellen.Page who took advantage of that happy instance, and digital media artist Aaron Koblin quickly grabbed Home.Page. There’s still quite a few available though, so you can head over to to check if the name you’d like is available.

Source: Google.