The array of Google Assistant smart speakers is growing, and there’s another choice if you’ve not yet found the one you like with Polk Audio’s Google Assistant powered Assist wireless smart speaker available to purchase in Australia.

The Smart Speaker is available to purchase through Melbourne based Australian online retailer Selby Acoustics for $299, with free shipping Australia wide. The 19cm high speaker includes a single 1″ round tweeter for mid-range and a 3.5″ round Mid/Woofer for a bit more power.

The speaker is wireless, though not battery operated, with support for dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1, including Chromecast support. The speaker includes four white LED indicator lights on the top surrounded by four buttons for controlling the speaker which includes a button for manually calling Google Assistant, as well as a Play/Pause button and Volume Up/Down buttons. A manual microphone mute switch is also included on the rear of the speaker at the base for a bit of privacy.

The speaker can use all the same Google Assistant functions you know and love, including operating your smart home devices, answering questions and you can of course include it in your multi-room audio setup.

If you like the look of the speaker it’s available in both Black and White from Selby, though it’s listed as a ‘Special Order Item’ and takes 5 – 10 days to ship. You can check it out now on the Selby website.

Source: Selby.