Samsung’s Desktop Experience for phones and tablets has come a long way since it was launched on the Galaxy S8/S8+ at MWC last year. The technology, previously requiring a dedicated dock, now simply requires a USB-C to HDMI cable – but soon it could be as simple as turning it on in software and wirelessly streaming to a monitor.

The news comes via the Samsung Europe community forum where, in response to a query from a member on wireless DeX, a moderator advised that the company was already working on the wireless solution. There’s obviously a fair way to go between working on it and actually launching the product, with the moderator adding that ‘a few improvements need to be made first’ before the feature is made available.

Exactly how wireless DeX would work, how fast would the connection be, what technology it would use (Miracast? Chromecast?) and on which screens it could be used is just a couple of many questions we have about the technology. Moving from a dedicated dock to a USB-C cable was a big step, now moving to wireless would be an even bigger, much more convenient step.

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Peter Verwey

Does the Note8 support DeX by USB-C to HDMI cable, or is it just for the series 9 phones?