As Google Assistant approaches its second birthday, Google has announced a makeover which will cater to users who both talk to and type their inquiries into their digital assistant.

The update includes new ways to navigate and get what you need from the Assistant faster including new larger images to help convey information more clearly. Your smart home will be easier to control with new tactile controls like sliders, dials and buttons for your lights, speakers and more.

You’ll also get a better way to interact with text messaging when sending with voice, say your message, then a new interactive messaging interface will appear to allow you to quickly change a word, add a comma or any other changes you want to make.

The overview of your day is also getting easier to access. Once you’re in the Assistant (Long press that home button) and swipe up on your screen to see a list of what’s happening in your day and recent interactions with the Assistant.

There’s also a commercial side to the new update with Google allowing ‘developers and brands’ access to ‘take full advantage of the phone screen’. This means ‘Starbucks now has thumbnails to select from recommended items on their menus, Food Network has larger images of their recipes, and FitStar uses GIFs to give you a preview of your workout.’

According to Google the update will be rolling out now, so check your phone.

Source: Google.