The big question on everyone’s lips after next weeks Made by Google event will be when can we get our hands on all of their marvellous new toys. That question has been answered for at least some US-based local guides with a pop-up store opening in New York for an exclusive first look.

The invite to Google’s Open House is being sent to US-based Local Guides on #TeamPixel, offering them the chance to be amongst the first to check out Google’s ‘latest family of hardware devices’. The event is invite only apparently with an RSVP required before an entry time between 4-8pm is issued.

Google has previously had general pop-up stores open to the public to check out the new hardware after their big event, so it’s possible this one will be too – eventually.

The space is in the lower-Manhattan neighbourhood of Tribeca at 50 Varick St, so if you’re in the area after October 10th you may want to check it out.

Source: reddit.