Samsung today launched their long awaited Galaxy Watch in Australia, with support from both Telstra and now Vodafone for using the eSIM inside the watch. There’s a third player in the Australian telco market which supports eSIM, so are Optus going to sell the Galaxy Watch?

Optus’ eSIM service, called Number Share, is just like Telstra One Number and Vodafones Number Sync,d allows you to share a mobile number (and plan inclusions) between your phone and watch. Currently the only device supported by Optus’ Number share is the Apple Watch GPS + Cellular but given the popularity of the Samsung watch, when asked about supporting the Galaxy Watch an Optus spokesperson said

Optus is continually evaluating opportunities to expand the range of eSIM capable devices we support, and this includes the Samsung Galaxy Watch. We’ll let our customers know when we have any new developments for eSIM capable devices.

So, it’s a definite…maybe?

Reading between the lines, it appears that Optus is likely looking at readying the Number Share service to expand beyond the Apple Watch, but they’re not quite ready to announce it just yet. If you’re an Optus customer, stay tuned.

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    I’ve heard about mid January has anyone heard similar? Im very dissapointed optus doesnt already have this coverage


    When will the esim for Samsung’s watch be available


    If Optus come on board. Will we we be able to use the current watch or is is it new hardware? Thinking about buying the watch and take the gamble that Optus wake up


    as long as it as a esim

    Simon Colyer

    Are each of the telcos locking an esim to their own carrier? If so, shame on Telstra, Vodafone and Optus.

    Chris Rowland

    The Galaxy Watch isn’t locked, so you can readily take it to another carrier if that’s your wish.


    Still NO eSIM support for International Roaming so can’t use the eSIM in the Pixel alongside a local cheap data SIM and use the app to switch between them.

    I badly want Pixel 4 to have Dual SIM Active NOT just Dual SIM Standby so I can have one work SIM and one personal SIM and / or Australian SIM for calls and a cheap local data SIM.

    Chris Rowland

    Generally speaking in Australia phones with dual-SIM active capability will be sold outright rather than in carriers; carriers don’t really want people using other networks on their phones.


    Hopefully, this gets fixed quickly. If they can do it for the fruit watch they can do it for the Samsung.


    Hopefully, this gets fixed quickly. If they can do it for the fruit watch they can do it for the Samsung.


    Hey Optus, it’s about time you supported the eSIM used on the Google Pixel phones.

    After all, Google’s eSIMs conform to the GSM standard, unlike Apple’s.