JB Hifi recently got into the carrier game with two new exclusive Telstra plans available over 12 or 24 months, and offering JB Hifi Gift Vouchers to offset the cost of phones. Today it appears they’ve updated the plans to include more data.

According to a post over on Ozbargain, JB staff are advising that the plans have been updated to include more data. The new plans now look like this:

  • $45pm for 12 months with 50GB data (previously 25GB), unlimited talk and text and $200 JB Gift Card
  • $65pm for 24 months with 80GB data (previously 45GB), unlimited talk and text and $300 credit for phone purchase under $999 RRP
  • $65pm for 24 months with 80GB data (previously 45GB), unlimited talk and text and a $500 credit for phone purchase over $999 RRP

A commenter on the post has said that a JB Hifi staff member they spoke to advised that those who signed up to the deals last week, will automatically be updated to the new plan inclusions within two weeks – but it’s worthwhile asking your local JB Hifi to make sure.

Via: OzBargain.
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    Can confirm if you signed up last week you’ll get the extra bonus data. Just messaged Telstra Chat and they’re applying it to my account now.

    I also used the gift card to knock a Samsung 5.1 soundbar that was already on sale down to even further and picked up the matching wireless rear speakers for only $50 yesterday while I was asking about the bonus data (which wasn’t any help…). Nearly $1000 of speakers for $400, can’t complain!


    Eagerly awaiting the extra data to be added. Worth adding that the $200 gift voucher is only if you port over to Telstra.