The Pixel 3 launch is getting a little fun, earlier this week the Google team made fun of the so-called ‘Ultra-Pixel’ phone rumours on their Instagram account, and today they’re having some fun with the rumours of ‘Super Selfie’s.

But Google isn’t ready to confirm or deny the existence of Super Selfie’s just yet, saying No Comment to the rumour. To go with the no Comment, they’ve shared a hilarious pic with overly large lenses attached to phones, including one with a slide up visor on the Pixel that reveals a massive telephoto lens and a phone attached to a hat with a stick and string.

The concept of Super Selfie’s has been around since August, when a source tipped 9to5Google that the feature would be introduced as a use case for the dual front-facing cameras on the Pixel 3. The feature would use a wide-angle lens on one of the two 8MP sensors included on the front to achieve the effect.

We’ll find out all about Super Selfies and the mini ultra Pixel 3 phones on Wednesday morning next week.