Kogan Mobile has today announced a great new offer on their 90-day mobile plans offering 17GB of data per month for just $14.99.

The 90-day plan on Kogan Mobile, which operates on the Vodafone 4G network, normally sells for $99.90 and includes unlimited standard calls and texts to standard Australian numbers, along with 17GB of data per 30 days. The discounted plan works out to a tiny $4.97 per 30 days.

If for some reason you don’t want 17GB of data every 30 days, you can get the same price with their ‘small’ plan with 3GB of data, or ‘medium’ plan with 7GB of data over 90-days. These plans also include unlimited talk & text to standard Australian numbers

The plans are now live on the small, medium and large Kogan Mobile plans over 90-days on their website.

Source: Kogan Mobile.
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    It is a one off where the voucher expires next month, after the 90 days you go back to normal prices.
    This is good if you are ok with Voda network and are month to month or just coming out of contract/prepaid but don’t get a voucher if you won’t use it soon. plan on probably switching again after those 90 days.