At the launch of the LG V40 and W7 hybrid smartwatch yesterday, LG Electronics Vice President Jae-Hwan Hwang has spoken about their plans for 5G, as well as a hint at their own foldable phone.

The launch of 5G in 2019 is set to take the world by storm and while we’ve heard plans from carriers, the plans from OEMs for phones hasn’t been as open. LG is set to be at the forefront of the 5G rollout with devices, with Hwang saying

We have been preparing for 5G products in the first half of next year for a long time. There are only two or three companies that can respond properly to 5G at present. If we work on a long-term [5G product] I have confidence.

The hint at the first half of 2019 for their first 5G phone points to the expected announcement of the LG G8, which is generally announced around April/May.

As well as addressing 5G, Hwang addressed the foldable phone concept, a concept that LG has been working on for some time with phones starting with the LG G Flex back in 2014, a phone that didn’t so much fold as flex.

A foldable phone is a continuing project for LG, one which they are working on with their partners, Hwang said

We are working hard with our partners on various obstacles that can occur while folding and folding. We will release it at a time when we can provide enough customer value rather than releasing it for the first time in the world.

The rollout of 5G will be a slow one, with carriers looking at the technology as a complement to the existing 4G networks currently in place. All three carriers in Australia are working to rollout 5G around Australia, but it will be a carefully planned rollout, so the rush to get a 5G enabled device shouldn’t be at the forefront of any purchasing decisions – but based on this, there will be plenty of choices available when 5G is rolled out.

Source: YonHapNews.
Via: Droid-life.
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