The rumoured ‘sand’ coloured option for the Pixel 3 has been leaked overnight, giving us a good look at the phone in what can only be really described as pink.

The leak comes courtesy of Android Headlines, who’ve posted renders of the ‘Sand’ coloured model of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL from the front and back. Also included on this model is the red/orange colour for the power button we saw on the Clearly White Pixel 2 models.

The sand coloured option is a long way from the previous sand coloured Nexus 9 launched back back in 2014 which was a much more ‘sandy’ colour.

While it’s pink sand coloured on the rear, the phone uses a black front panel just like the other models of the Pixel 3 family, with even the white model using a black front for a more panda/stormtrooper finish which you can see in this comparison shot of all three leaked Pixel colour options:

There is still no sign of the ‘mint’ coloured Pixel 3 option that Google continues to tease on their Japanese site. Roland Quandt of has speculated that it may simply be a nod towards the greenish coloured power button on the clearly white handset.

We’ll know for sure next week when Google unveils the Pixel 3 at their Made by Google event in New York (as well as London and Paris) in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Source: Android Headlines.
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Why Google always focus on some features like active edge and no one will use? It’s totally useless. Please focus on more important stuff. Like the quality of your display, less bezzels.