The cat is out of the bag. Google have a couple of Pixel phones launching next week and we know exactly what they will look like. As such protective case maker Spigen have obviously thought there was no reason for them to hold back their new Pixel 3 offerings.

Spigen have mode some of the best cases for phones for a while now and it seems that they are extending their entire range to the upcoming Pixel 3 phones. Already on their website they have a lot of the products available to “preorder” with shipping beginning in 10 days — it would be strange for them to ship before the Pixel 3 phones ship which possibly means that Google will be shipping the phones very close to the launch date. Other cases are listed as “coming soon”.

Spigen offer cases for those who want some of the best protection available as well as those who just want a slim case to protect against small scratches. Spigen are also offering a nano liquid screen protector which is a screen protector with a liquid application which bonds with the glass screen.

The cases are also available for both the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL. In the pictures you can see everything we already have seen before with respect to the design of the Pixel 3 phones. The bezels of the Pixel 3, the notch of the Pixel 3 XL and the single camera on the back of both. If you are interested in checking out the Spigen offerings for the Pixel 3 head over to their website and scroll through the various cases.

The Pixel 3 launch is only five days away now and even though we know exactly what most of the Google Products will be I am still super excited for the launch.

How about you or has it lost its shine thanks to all the leaks?

Source: Spigen.
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Forget pixel 3 leaks. Here’s what the pixel 4 will look like. Rectangular. Thin. 2 models xl and std. 3 colours, 1 wacky, 2 more std. Full screen. A small notch at top. Round finger print middle back. Lens and flash to left back. 10% faster. 10% brighter. Still struggles to provide a days battery life. $1500+

Sorry for the spoilers but I’m just super excited about this new experience.


the entire Spigen range is now rather dated and dull compared – better off looking elsewhere.

Shaun Daly

Bellroy, googles own cases, tech21, caseology, Casemate, incipio or just search the interweb.


Their range is good quality though 🙂


Ehhh, the quality is alright but it’s only been 6 months and my clear case on my Pixel 2XL has now got patches of discolouration (or colouration as it’s clear?)
Actual case holds up amazingly well so far, works well and protected me a number of times.

So my recommendation is to get a Spigen case, but not a clear one.